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CGMI The Historic Miracle Centre is a Jesus centered, bible based family church, located in Benin City, Nigeria

We pride ourself as a Bible School with weekly Christ Centred Teachings from our Senior Pastor Bishop Wale Ajayi.

God's Family

We are a people that the Lord has lifted! God’s family on earth, a people with purpose, vision, discovery and actualization of God’s intent for our life

Lives are Changed

In Miracle Center, burdens are lifted, chains are broken, destinies are molded and lives are transformed. We believe in teaching the undiluted word of faith and here we live only by the word of God.

The Word

We believe in the word as the only and final authority in every situation and we try to inculcate such beliefs in our people thereby removing them from the yokes of being tossed from pillar to post.

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A Church for all

With all ages, both the young and old. We have a system that in cooperates and involves the next generation and also gives relevance to the older generation and the mix of youth and experience tends to bring the church to life

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THMC Study and Prayer Guides

Have you ever studied how Apostle Paul Prayed? His pattern of prayers will show you the kind of Prayer God accepts.

We also have 2022 bible study plan that will assist you in your everyday study.



I just want to thank God for healing me from severe Asthma for almost 3 months I had severe Asthma, it was so bad that I couldn't even sleep at night. I was getting scared cos my drugs n inhaler stopped working so I had to go for the Hydrocot and Aminophyline injection. I had stopped these injections for almost 15 years...To God be the Glory I was in church 2weeks ago n Bishop said we should place our right hand on our body and Ask God for anything. I just placed my hands on my chest and said Asthma #Be Gone#.. n I 4got about it two days later I discovered that I had no need for all the pills I had been taking for months n I can now breathe properly and sleep well at night. I give Jesus all the Glory.